Makeup Remover Cloth

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Advanced Ultra-Soft MicroFibre Eraser

Now you can erase your makeup with just warm water! Watch your long-wearing and oil-based makeup melt away with this advanced microfibre eraser, leaving your face and neck clean, clear and bright!

Ideal for sensitive skin types, the cloths are super-soft, effortlessly tackling even stubborn traces of makeup and waterproof mascara without dragging the delicate skin.

You are probably already taking little steps to reduce our carbon footprint, so eliminate the need to buy expensive makeup remover and single-use makeup wipes - make the switch and keep our landfills and oceans clean – just like your face! These cloths are not only eco-friendly, but by being reusable and machine washable, they’re cost effective in the long term!

Perfect for travelling light – leave the makeup remover at home and simply wet, use and hang up to dry!

Your skin and the planet will thank you for it!

How to use me:

Before using the Tweezy Makeup Remover Cloth, pop it in the washing machine at 30°C.

  1. Wet your cloth with warm water.
  2. Using a gentle circular motion, wipe over face and neck to remove your makeup.
  3. Safe to use over the delicate eye area.