Our Story

About the founder

Tweezy was launched by Sunny Choudhery in 2014, an entrepreneur from London. She has spent time working for various charities and served as a Director and Community Ambassador for The Sharan Project. After earning a first-class degree at University of Greenwich, Sunny realised that she had too many ambitions and ideas to work in a traditional office-based job. Eventually, it was her own experiences of womanhood, which provided her with a "light-bulb" moment.

 “There is beauty in simplicity. I want to encourage people to enhance what you already have and feel good in their own skin, before the need for make up.”

Of South Asian descent, Sunny has always had naturally thick, dark hair. While this is a blessing when it comes to a girl's crowning glory, it also has the (less glamorous) side effect of producing visible facial hair. As Sunny has sensitive skin, aggressive bleach and wax treatments were never a viable option. The ancient practice of threading proved to be more suitable, but she still worried about rubbing non-sterile thread against her skin. Sunny was also wary of having her face threaded in the middle of crowded shopping centres, which seemed to be the standard practice. Furthermore, she was reluctant to pay for something that she knew she could easily do herself at home – if only she had the right equipment! Rigorous searching revealed that home-threading devices were flimsy, poorly designed and ineffective. Upon noticing this crucial gap in the market, Sunny immediately decided to invest her savings in launching what she was sure would be the answer to countless women's prayers: a cost-effective, hygienic and long-lasting DIY hair-removal tool.