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For that fine facial rug, those rogue moustachio strands and the witchetty chin-straglers, arm yourself with this slinky little beast.”

Annabel Rivkin, ES Magazine

A brilliant new way of removing unwanted facial hair at home: the Tweezy

Sarah Vine, Daily Mail

This handy beauty gadget has certainly become a necessity inside my makeup bag

The Amazing Blog

A little device called the Tweezy will yank out facial hair by the root in seconds. It works on the same principle as threading. Not entirely painless, but cheap as chips and works perfectly.”

India Knight, The Sunday Times

This product is genius and is a tool we each should have in our makeup bag at all times!


Its absolutely brilliant and it means I can get rid of any unwanted hair now until going to the salon. Thanks a lot and its a fab product

Sulma Bibi, Bradford

The product is amazing and handy to use when in blockquoteergency. Also save me money on salon. Whoever created this product is a life saver. 10/10

Rashmita Parmar, London

This product is brilliant. After years of bleaching and waxing I have finally found something so easy and nearly pain free to use. I was dubious initially but would not be without my Tweezy

Stella Jenkins, Inverness

The Tweezy is brilliant. So easy to use and very effective. A bit on the painful side but no more than waxing and certainly nowhere near as messy. I love it. Thank you so much

Lynne Wildman, Birmingham