Tweezy is a facial hair removal device that removes hair without the need for chemicals, heat or strenuous effort. Tweezy provides a gentle and effective hair removal facility at a fraction of the cost and time of conventional hair removal procedures. Unwanted facial hair can now be treated quickly and effectively within the privacy of the home for a low cost, one time purchase.

The materials of choice are a metal spring and a rubber grip handle. The active spring action of Tweezy removes the hair from the root like threading, without the need to learn an intricate skill or the ongoing expenses.

Tweezy makes it possible to remove facial hair at any given time. It does not require a mirror and can be used wherever and whenever it is needed to get the job done. Tweezy is suitable for women and men of all ages and hair/skin types who have unwanted facial hair on areas such as, upper and lower lip, cheeks, chin, jawline and the neck, with a simple bend and twist action. 

 Why Choose Tweezy?

  • Tweezy is cheaper than most  hair removal treatments! 
  • Tweezy helps slow hair re-growth due to its ability to remove the hair from the follicle, making the follicle weaker over time and often killing most of them.
  • There are no harsh chemicals and therefore there is no risk of the skin getting harmed in the process.
  • Tweezy can be used without the need for a specialist to undertake the treatment compared to alternatives like threading.
  • Saves Time! You don't need to make appointments every two weeks or so, as it is a DIY product.
  • Tweezy can be used in the privacy of the home.
  • No regular payments to a specialist, beautician or technician – a one off payment for regular use. It is reusable and hygienic.
  • Results can last up to 6 weeks, depending on individuals hair re-growth patterns.