Nude Nail Buff

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We’ve found a way to keep your nails breathable, effortlessly classy and polished (without the polish) – all at the same time.

Made with high-density nano glass this 2-in-1 manicure tool functions as both a nail file and surface polisher.

Safe to use with a side to side motion, sealing the keratin layers together giving your nails the ultimate shine that'll outlast any cardboard emery board!



The Nude Nail polisher buffs the surface nail on a micro scale, smoothening the surface of the nail and giving the ultimate shine that would otherwise only be possible with a clear varnish.

  • Slim, effective and elegant nail file.
  • Made with a high-quality abrasive crystal finish.
  • Helps to seal nail tips and reduce infection, ensuring the nails can be filed in any direction without causing damage.
  • Works to protect the nails from damage and splitting by sealing the keratin layers.
  • Environmentally friendly as it is reusable.


1. FILE: Shape and smooth nail edges with the textured side of the file.

2. BUFF: Using the same side of the file, gently begin to buff the nail by using a side to side motion where you want your nail to shine.

3. CLEAN: Wash with water. You can disinfect or sterilise this nail file without damaging the surface.

4. STORE: Once clean, dry the file before storing in its protective case.

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