Cuticle Pusher & Fork Trimmer with Pouch

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This 2-in-1 professional cuticle fork trimmer and pusher is ideal for getting your nails in primo shape. With its double-duty design, the cuticle pusher has a curved spatula, crafted to hug your cuticle for sliding back softened cuticles and dry skin. The cuticle fork end trims and tidies as you chug along the cuticle edge. Shove back cuticles like a boss, then wipe 'em away, with one handy tool. Also comes with a posh faux leather pouch.



1. Soften cuticles by soaking them in warm, soapy water or by using cuticle massage cream or cuticle remover.

2. Push your cuticles back with the rounded spatula end of tool.

3. Glide the cuticle fork along the cuticle edge to trim.