About Us



Tiny but mighty (just like our products).
Tweezy is an Indie brand, providing beauty tools and accessories that not only break the mould but are effective, unique and absolute must-haves for any beauty bag.
We pride ourselves in creating easy-to-use, cost-effective and reusable products that inspire low maintenance make-up and beauty regimes.


We believe beauty self-care should be simple, sustainable and affordable; it shouldn't cost the earth, literally.
Beauty products should make you feel like YOU, only much more beautiful. We want to help you enhance your naturally striking features, not alter or mask them.


Of course, you'll often find yourself having to restock your makeup bag or bathroom cabinet with: face wipes, wax strips, deodorant - but these aren't exactly the most exciting things to buy and will eventually run out.
At Tweezy we specialise in self-care products that break the mould. With our ever-expanding range, you'll find that beauty basics don't always have to be boring, disposable, or expensive.
So, if you're fed up with all these mundane products already inside your beauty bag, shop Tweezy. Self-care beauty is about to become interesting.


We don’t just want to claim the eco-friendly status just to tick a box, but we genuinely design our products to make them reusable and long-lasting. Our aim is to create products that will endure multiple uses and stand the test of time.
Most of us have daily habits that generate heaps of waste as well as frequently buying and replacing things without giving it a thought. Purchasing a long-lasting, reusable version of those products is actually a better investment in the long run - both for the pocket and the planet.


We hope to continuously surprise you with great beauty tools and accessories.
There’s always a ‘coming soon’ momentum at our HQ. We are regularly working late, mucking in and looking for short notice babysitters so we can fulfil your orders and create products that you need, want and love.
We are managers, designers, marketeers, office cleaners, warehouse staff and basically all-around problem-solvers packed into one tiny team!