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We believe beauty self-care should be simple, sustainable and affordable; it shouldn't cost the earth, literally

Easy-to-use, cost-effective and reusable products that inspire low maintenance make-up and beauty regimes

Beauty products should make you feel like YOU, only much more beautiful

Our tools not only break the mould, but are effective, functional and absolute must-haves for any makeup bag

Simplify your beauty routine with our easy-to-use products
Inspiring low maintenance make-up and beauty regimens

Tweezy is all about breaking the mould, we provide beauty tools and accessories that are of the highest quality, functional and will revolutionise your beauty and make-up bag.

Our beauty tools will quickly make a place for themselves in your heart and beauty collection.

Natural Volcanic Stone Blotting Ball
Facial Mattifying Roller

The reusable, pocket sized mattifier. No need for single-use blotting paper - Absorbs excess oil without altering your makeup!

Everything you love about threading in a DIY epilator

Take control of your facial fuzz with this revolutionary facial hair removal tool. Unwanted facial hair can now be removed from the roots quickly and effectively within the privacy of your home with a simple easy-to-use device!

Imagine threading, but with a twist! Tweezy is here to whisk away facial hair in a fun and playful way, leaving you with a smooth and cost-effective alternative to traditional hair removal methods.

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Our fans can't get enough of us, and we're flattered to have your faith. We've made quite the splash in the press and have some seriously awesome reviews of our products.

Trusted by beauty gurus, famous faces, makeup wizards, and the public alike, our top-tier tools and the sheer convenience of Tweezy's beauty tools has cemented our status as the go-to beauty tools brand.

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