How does Tweezy work? 
Tweezy works via a simple bend and twist movement against the facial hair. It effortlessly removes multiple hairs from the root, like the popular method of threading, without chemical or heat damage to the skin.
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Can Tweezy be used on other parts of the body? 
Tweezy can be used on the upper and lower lip, chin, cheeks, jawline, and neck. It is not suitable for eyebrows. Do not use Tweezy on other areas of the body not specified, such as the bikini area.
Does using Tweezy hurt? 
You may feel some sensitivity when removing hair from the roots initially, but your skin should soon become resistant to the sensitivity. If you have previously experienced hair removal from the root, you should experience a similar sensation.
Is Tweezy suitable for men? 
Absolutely! Tweezy can be used by men and women of all ages and skin/hair types. Men tend to use Tweezy on the outer ear and upper cheekbone area (where they do not shave).
Will I get ingrown hairs? 
No. This should not happen if Tweezy is used in the correct way. As part of your hair removal regime, keeping skin clean and regularly exfoliating should prevent any skin blockages which interfere with new thinner hair coming through.
How often will I need to use Tweezy? 
The rate of hair regrowth differs from person to person. Depending on your own hair regrowth rate, optimal Tweezy usage may vary from weekly to monthly or even less frequently.
I have a young teenage daughter, can she use Tweezy?
Yes. Tweezy is safe to use on all ages (except young children under the ages of 5). In fact, Tweezy is great for elderly skin too as it does not stretch or sag the skin like conventional hair removal methods do!

When shall I buy a new Tweezy? 
Tweezy is a durable, reusable product. Provided you clean it regularly with a dry tissue and depending on how often you use it, it should stay in good shape for approximately 6-9 months.