Epi-Roller Facial Hair Epilator

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Say adios to hairy dilemmas! The Epi-Roller is your foolproof solution for fuzz-free skin sans bleaching, waxing or chemicals. Easily get the threading results you love, sans the skill set! Just roll up and down on the face to remove hair from the root.

Great for:
Cheeks, chins, and upper lips. Hair-removal has never been easier!
Get long-term results:
Weaken follicles, slow regrowth, and save money! Perfect for everyone! Compact and convenient for your tress-free life. Safe and suitable for all skin types!

How to use me:

  1. Ensure skin is clean and dry before use.
  2. Place the Epi-Roller against your skin, roll it up and down until hair is removed.

Exfoliate often to fend off ingrowns - don't be tempted to shape your brows with it!