Epi-Roller - Facial Hair Epilator 2.0

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This lightweight facial hair epilator is the answer to your facial hair and peach-fuzz dilemmas. Now you can epilate unwanted facial fuzz without the bleaching, waxing or chemicals that are harmful to your skin.

The Epi-Roller is everything you love about the results of threading, minus the intricate skill required. The coil mechanism will do all the work in a motion akin to the threading technique.

Simply roll the spring up and down against your skin to remove the unwanted hair from the root - practically fool proof!

Suitable for delicate facial areas and sensitive skin such as upper lip, cheeks and chin. Facial hair removal has never been easier!

CAUTION: Not suitable for shaping eyebrows.

How to use me:

  1. Ensure skin is clean and dry before use.
  2. Place the Epi-Roller against your skin, roll it up and down until hair is removed.

Exfoliate regularly to avoid ingrown hairs.