Magic Crystal Body Hair Remover Painless and Exfoliating

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Beauty lovers on TikTok are going crazy over a hair remover that not only causes no pain but also gets rid of strawberry legs.
- The Sun

If you’ve shaved your legs then you know the frustration of cuts, bumps, and strawberry skin.

The Tweezy Magic Crystal Hair Remover keeps the skin smooth while also improving the appearance of pores. Stylish, unique, and small making it ideal for travelling.

This eco-friendly and reusable magic hair eraser helps prevent ingrown hairs and exfoliates dead skin cells, making the appearance of your skin even smoother.

Made from the newest nano-crystalline technology, the Magic Crystal Hair Remover allows the hairs to clump and break from the surface when rubbed gently on the skin. Effectively, it buffs the hair from the surface which thins the tip of the hair rather than a blunt strike with a razor blade – this in turn gives a fresh waxed feel without the effort and cost.

Can be used in the shower and on dry skin – convenient for whenever you want to use it. Simple buff gently on the skin in a circular motion to quickly remove hair.

No pain but much to gain.

How To Use Me

  • Clean and wipe the area to be epilated.
  • Place the product on the location to be epilated and apply moderate pressure to wipe in a circular motion.
  • After epilation, gently wash with water or gently wipe the epilated area with a wet towel.
  • Rinse the hair and dead skin from the crystal hair eraser with water after use and store it in a dry place.

Magic Tip: Use moderate pressure, avoid rubbing too aggressively or overusing, especially if you have sensitive skin. Not suitable for face and underarms.