Original Facial Hair Epilator with Storage Container

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The Original Tweezy is a MULTI-AWARD WINNING facial hair removal device.

Say "sayonara" to facial fuzz with the revolutionary Tweezy Epilator—the tool that actually works! It quickly and easily removes unwanted hair on the face (except eyebrows) from the root, making it the perfect choice for privacy-loving homebodies. Tweezy's gentle removal of strands from the root is like waxing, only without the ouch factor. Unlike waxing or depilatory creams, it won't irritate the skin when tugging.

Discover why Tweezy Epilator is the perfect hair removal solution––for teens, men and post menopausal women––with its powerful root-removal capabilities that slow hair re-growth! At only £10, you can enjoy long-term hair removal with no skin irritation, even on delicate facial areas and sensitive skins. Plus, it's compact and convenient and virtually pain free (unless it's that time of the month!).
Get Tweezy and reap the rewards of hair-free skin!

    How to use me:

    • Hold each end of the rubber grips and bend into an 'n' shape.
    • Place spring against your skin, twist and roll the grips between your fingers, inwards and upwards - against the direction of hair growth.
    • Continue until hair is removed.

    Exfoliate regularly to avoid ingrown hairs.

    CAUTION: Not suitable for shaping eyebrows.